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The workshop will take place at Waycross Camp and Conference Center, 7363 Bear Creek Rd – Morgantown, IN 46160. (

At the heart of Indiana’s Brown County hills is a special place called Waycross. For over 52 years, non-profit religious and community leaders as well as youth organizations have come to hold Waycross forever near and dear… For thousands, the remote solitude and tranquility of Waycross have been the source of many inspirational gatherings. The mission of the conference center is to be a place set aside to further the work of educational and charitable groups and the not-for-profit community.

All room prices are per person and includes 3 meals per day, wireless internet and much more.

Please visit the website for more information about the facilities

Directions to the Camp:

At the Door Registration $680.

Cancellation policy

For 9th Indiana Sackbut

100%  refund prior to February 15th

50%  refund prior to March 1st

no refunds after March 1st



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