Classes description

Robert Green

Baroque Hurdy-Gurdy Class for Sept., 2017

Objective: to develop a familiarity with the baroque style as it applies to the repertory for 18th-century hurdy-gurdy. This objective will be accomplished through the study of pieces chosen from the numerous duets for two hurdy-gurdies.

Requirements: (1) the ability to read music. (2) the ability to play in both C and G.

Repertory: the music to be studied will be available for download on the workshop website prior to the session. Some familiarity with both the first and second voice in these duets prior to the workshop would be helpful.

Subjects to be covered in studying these pieces include

(1) ornamentation.

(2) rhythmic alteration (notes inégales).

(3) phrasing.

(4) articulation.

(5) fingering.

(6) dynamics.

We will begin by working on a suite by Boismortier. A copy will be sent to you upon registration.


Michael Opp

Beginners  Introduction to the Hurdy Gurdy and playing techniques.

Scott Gayman

Traditional Music and Technique  A class for non-beginners to improve their playing technique for left and right hand using Traditional music.

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