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Hurdy-Gurdy Teachers


Robert Green

Robert Green has performed concerts of eighteenth-century music for hurdy-gurdy throughout the US, France and Israel.  His book The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France was published by Indiana Unversity Press. He co-authored the article on the hurdy-gurdy for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.   He has released two CDs of eighteenth-century music for hurdy-gurdy on the FOCUS label. He is Professor emeritus, Northern Illinois University.

Michael Opp

Michael Opp, from Southeast-Central North Dakota had his first encounter with the Hurdy Gurdy in the spring of 2008. He began playing an instrument of his own that fall and attended his first workshop with  Mike Gilpin and with Chris Allen in 2009, both at Over the Water. Then he traveled in 2010 to Polesworth, UK to study with Cliff Stapleton. Last year studied with Juan Wijngaard. He continues to build his  repertoire with American and French traditional while playing in his bluegrass band, The Cass County Criminals. Michael will be introducing beginners to the beguiling and beloved world of the ancient instrument referred to as the Hurdy-Gurdy. He will guide beginners on technique and beginners’ repertoire.


Scott Gayman   DSC00145 (2)

Scott Gayman (Southern California): Scott began study in 2005 at the Over the Water Hurdy Gurdy Festival and continued study with his good friend and teacher Richard Taylor. Throughout the next ten years Richard Taylor tirelessly tutored Scott teaching him a great deal about the hurdy gurdy and introducing him to great people and incredible players throughout the world. In the past ten years Scott has had the pleasure of studying with Patrick Bouffard, Jean Michel Peru, Tobie Miller, and Mathias Loidner.
Scott has also spent considerable time studying hurdy gurdy construction and maintenance. With help from Curtis Berak ,and the ability to study Curtis’ extensive collection, Scott began picking out minor, yet important, details of hurdy gurdy construction. In 2014 Scott used his knowledge to help the students of the Indiana Hurdy Gurdy Workshop to maintain and improve their instruments.

Lawrence Brown  Lawrence Brown

B.A. in Renaissance and Medieval studies The Ohio State University 1971. Studied lute at the Royal Academy of Music, London, 1972. During this time I worked with early instrument makers in London and learned to build lutes and early stringed instruments. Self-employed as a builder of early stringed instruments, primarily lutes, since 1973. Performer with the Noyse Merchants and The Shakespeare Band, primarily Medieval and Renaissance music.Member of the Board of Directors of the American Lute Society since 2016. Attended the EMIM hurdy gurdy conference in Indiana 6 times.Attended Crawford Young’s course in medieval music in Spello, Italy in 2016. Attended the Lute Society of America summer seminar 20 times. Recently published in Hurdy Gurdy weekly: http://hurdygurdyweekly.blogspot.com/2017/02/larry-brown-on-instruments-beginners.html

I regularly perform music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and music of contemporary France on the gurdy in duets with a player of the Cornemuse.

Taryn Spink

Taryn SpinkTaryn Spink is a Hurdy Gurdy player and teacher, a freelance musician in the Los Angeles area, and a professional music teacher. Her musical journey began with the piano at the age of 8 and then with the French Horn at the age of 10, both of which she continued to study through college at Azusa Pacific University. During her time at APU, she received a Bachelor of Music in Performance, Bachelor of Arts in English with a writing concentration, a Masters of Arts in Education with a concentration in Digital Teaching and Learning, and a California Single Subject Teaching Credential specializing in music. She has performed throughout the country and the world with notable performances at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angles, Cathedrale Norte-Dame de Paris, International Musical Eisteddfodd in Llangollen Wales, and at the International Chamber Choir Competition in Marktoberdorf Germany. Beyond performing, Taryn has over 7 years of music teaching experience both as a private instructor and as a public school music teacher; from teaching elementary music education, middle school and high school band and choir, and teaching private students of all ages. Taryn’s Hurdy Gurdy journey began as a curiosity, then a dream, but it quickly blossomed into a full fledged passion for all things Hurdy Gurdy. She continues to study with R.T. Taylor and is conducting ethnomusicological studies in the field of French Folk or “Trad” music. She loves the Hurdy Gurdy and is inspired to share it with others.

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