H-G Teachers

Hurdy-Gurdy Teachers


Robert Green

Robert Green has performed concerts of eighteenth-century music for hurdy-gurdy throughout the US, France and Israel.  His book The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France was published by Indiana Unversity Press. He co-authored the article on the hurdy-gurdy for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.   He has released two CDs of eighteenth-century music for hurdy-gurdy on the FOCUS label. He is Professor emeritus, Northern Illinois University.




Richard  Taylor

Richard Taylor

R.T. ( Richard Taylor ) is passionate about playing and teaching folks to play the Hurdy Gurdy. For over 30 years R.T. has been playing, teaching and performing all over the world including Japan, North America, most of  Western and Eastern Europe and has recorded and  performed with the U.S band, French Creek and the French band UFO. His specialty is the folk dance music from France, Italy, Hungary and Galicia. His students range in age from 3 to 90 years old. R.T. has studied with top players all over Europe and passes on that knowledge in an entertaining and logical way that helps you improve your artistic and technical skills, and reach your playing potential more quickly. Basic and more advanced techniques are taught using traditional common repertoire tunes and exercises that make practice more fun and effective.



Michael Opp

Michael Opp, from Southeast-Central North Dakota had his first encounter with the Hurdy Gurdy in the spring of 2008. He began playing an instrument of his own that fall and attended his first workshop with  Mike Gilpin and with Chris Allen in 2009, both at Over the Water. Then he traveled in 2010 to Polesworth, UK to study with Cliff Stapleton. Last year studied with Juan Wijngaard. He continues to build his  repertoire with American and French traditional while playing in his bluegrass band, The Cass County Criminals. Michael will be introducing beginners to the beguiling and beloved world of the ancient instrument referred to as the Hurdy-Gurdy. He will guide beginners on technique and beginners’ repertoire.

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